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Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Edition (Xbox One)

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    The eleventh installment of the Forza Horizon racing simulator now comes in a new, ultimate edition. Play the game on Xbox One for the first time and experience:

    Exciting New Gaming Features: With the Ultimate Edition of the Forza Horizon, you can enjoy more than 450 new cars along with changing weather conditions throughout the year that make the gameplay more challenging than ever. The shared world gameplay allows you to keep your skills sharp and compare them to other players in real-time. The game now has a countdown clock as well as new cinematic cutscenes that show how the seasons are changing.

    Dynamic Seasons Throughout the Year: The seasons in the game change just like seasons in real life. Each one of them comes with new features and challenges for you and your fellow players. In the winter, for example, the lakes freeze over and form a new grid for you to drive on. The roads also get more rainy and slippery during the fall season. Experience these and other features in the new Forza Horizon 4 edition.

    A Gaming Experience Worth Your Time: With a low price, the Ultimate Edition of the Forza Horizon 4 will give you more than you bargain for. Create your own server and host more than 70 other players. If you want to have a more personal gaming experience, you can also play in the offline mode and build your skills from the ground up. Whether you want to compete with others or enjoy the game on your own, the new edition of Forza Horizon has got you covered.


Lego 2K Drive is a fun mix of Forza Horizon and Mario Kart
Lego 2K Drive is a fun mix of Forza Horizon and Mario Kart

From the days of dodging giant pizzas on Lego Island, to Forza Horizon 4's full-on Lego-themed expansion, racing has long felt a part of the Lego video game brand. And why not? Some of the simplest Lego sets feature cars and truck parts as core components. Lego itself, famously, holds the world record for being the biggest toy tyre manufacturer on the planet. It's almost surprising there hasn't been a proper full-on Lego racing game for so long. But that's one of the interesting things about Lego 2K Drive, a seemingly polished and suitably colourful racing game which has been smartly constructed using building instructions borrowed from other top titles in its genre. This isn't just the first Lego racing game in decades, but also the first Lego game from publisher 2K ever, and the beginning of a big new partnership. Its imminent arrival - set for 19th May on PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S - follows years of Lego games largely limited to those based on big franchises, as Lego now looks to broaden its scope and work with a wider pool of developers. Lego 2K Drive is being developed by Visual Concepts, the team behind 2K's NBA and WWE titles, but in a presentation to press attended by Eurogamer, the studio mentioned this title as only the first in a series of Lego collaborations being published by 2K. There are some partially outdated rumours as to what some of these other games might be - but for now, 2K itself is officially staying schtum. Read more